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Important Sump Pump Maintenance Tips

The sump pump inside your home is a very important piece of equipment that keeps your basement from flooding after heavy rain and snowmelt. Hydrostatic pressure is constantly trying to force the water around your foundation inside, and your sump pump is one of your main lines of defence. Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating is a Vancouver, Burnaby, and Richmond area plumber with some tips on how to make sure your sump pump is working when you need it.

1) Clean Out the Sump Pit 

To keep your sump pump running smoothly and efficiently, you'll want to clean the sump pit of any debris once in a while. First, unplug your sump pump, set it aside, and drain the sump pit using a shop vac. Then, scrape out any sludge and debris that you see. This is also a good opportunity to give the sump pump itself a good external cleaning.

2) Clean the Impeller

Once you have cleaned the outside of your sump pump, you should take it apart in order to gain access to the impeller. Debris can sometimes find its way past a sump pump's filter, causing the impeller to jam up. Remove any sludge or debris that you find there to get it properly working again.

3) Test the Float and the Check Valve

A sump pump can't function properly if the float - which rises with the water level in the pit - is not working properly either. To check if your float is functional, pour some water into the pit and watch if it rises and causes your pump to turn on. If the float doesn't rise, then it may be caught on a piece of debris. If the float does rise but your pump doesn't turn on, then the problem may lay in a jammed check valve. The check valve may simply be clogged and in need of cleaning, or it may be improperly fitted. A Richmond and Burnaby plumber will be able to fix it.

4) Inspect All Electrical Connections

A sump pump that isn't responding even after you've cleaned it and checked the float and check valve may have an electrical issue. Make sure that it is properly plugged in, that the circuit breaker it is on hasn't flipped, and that the ground fault circuit interrupter hasn't tripped. When the electrical supply doesn't seem to be an issue, it's likely time for a new sump pump installation from your Vancouver area plumber.

Need Sump Pump Repair? Our North Vancouver Plumbers Are Here to Help

If your regular maintenance checks reveal that your sump pump isn't working properly, then it's time to call in a professional plumber. Serving Richmond, Langley, Tsawwassen, New Westminster, and the surrounding area, Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating provides sump pump repairs and installations. Because sump pump and other plumbing issues sometimes just can't wait, we are also your go-to emergency plumber in Greater Vancouver.

To ask about our sump pump services or to get a free quote, just contact Hillcrest Plumbing & Heating today.
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