A touchless faucet in a Vancouver home

4 Recent Plumbing Innovations

The plumbing industry is continuously looking for more efficient and convenient ways to keep water running through our pipes, out of our faucets and down our drains. Keep reading to learn about four recent plumbing innovations that are showing up in Vancouver area homes.

1. Touchless Plumbing

By now, we’re all familiar with touchless toilets and faucets, which use motion sensors to allow us to do our business and wash our hands without having to touch anything. These technologies are commonly used in public restrooms. However, they’re also become increasingly popular in households. They have the advantage of being highly convenient and helping to prevent the spread of germs and diseases.

2. PEX Piping

Plumbers are increasingly favouring crosslinked polyethylene (PEX) as a material for piping. It has a number of advantages over copper, including the following:

• It doesn’t rust and is more resistant to scale buildup and freezing
• It requires fewer connection points, reducing the risk of leaks
• It can easily bend around corners as the material is very flexible
• It’s quieter than traditional piping and the sound of water flowing is very discreet
• It loses less heat and therefore conserves more energy

3. Trenchless Piping

To replace busted pipes, plumbers once had no choice but to dig a giant trench in your yard. With trenchless piping, however, your lawn and garden are safe. New sewer lines are snaked through the existing ones, which allows broken pipes to be fixed quickly and without digging up your yard.

4. Hot Water Recirculating Pump

When installed on a plumbing system, this device directs cool water back to the water heater so that hot water is instantly available when you turn on your faucet. This helps to conserve water, as you never need to run the tap to wait for it to heat up. Some models can be turned on whenever the user needs hot water; others can be programmed to switch on and off at specific intervals.

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