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4 Boiler Maintenance Tips

Like any appliance, boilers require maintenance. Here are four maintenance tasks you should perform on a regular basis to ensure that yours is working at peak efficiency and isn’t subject to a malfunction or a breakdown.

1. Inspect and Clean Air Vents and Flues

Dust and dirt can accumulate in vents and flues and cause blockages. This reduces the energy efficiency of your boiler, as it impedes the passage of air, forcing the boiler to work harder and potentially wear down prematurely. Be sure to regularly check your boiler’s vents and flues and clean them as required.

2. Check the Water Level

Almost all boilers have a safety feature that monitors and automatically adjusts the water level. If the water level is too low, then it means there’s a problem. Check your boiler’s water level gauge every two weeks or so. If you ever see that the water is below the desired level, call a qualified boiler technician right away. Without sufficient water, your boiler could cause a house fire.

3. Listen for Strange Sounds

If you hear banging or other loud noises coming from your boiler, chances are that there are limescale deposits in the tank and pipes. Generally, you’ll need to call a professional to fix the issue. He or she will shut down the boiler for a few days and chemically descale and flush the system.

4. Look for Leaks

Boiler leaks reduce the system’s efficiency and can lead to costly repairs. The best way to check for leaks is to temporarily turn up your thermostat, as this makes them easier to spot. Check the floor around the boiler, the main vent and any exposed joints. While you’re at it, inspect your radiators. If you find any leaks, call a technician without delay.

If you don’t have a carbon monoxide detector in the room, you should also perform a carbon monoxide test. However, prevention is always the best policy, so getting a detector is highly recommended.

Finally, make sure to have your boiler serviced annually. A qualified boiler technician will clean your boiler, inspect the main components, flush the system and perform any necessary repairs.

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